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James and Raylene have completed police check, Mandatory Reporting and First aid certificate. They also are holders of Public Liability Insurance.

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Science with a twist

Spark the Interest of Science

An amazing, well-paced, science/magic act design to create discussion and questions well after the performance. Our fully interactive performance will provide scientifically magic entertainment, which will captivate both students and teachers alike. Share the excitement when students become the special assistant to help perform the magic. Watch in amazement as things appear and disappear and where everyday science occurs.

We will send to you well before the performance a CD of literacy genres ideas to follow-up the performance, links between our performance and the Australian Science Curriculum. We also give you a DVD of over 50 science/magic items the teacher can do in class as part of their science program. We give you a CD containing information about some of the products we use in the magic show.

Any class teacher will be able to use these ideas for further investigations with their class and expand on their students’ learning.

We cater for your students.  We can:

  • Complete a whole school performance for foundation year to year 3.
  • Complete a whole school performance for years 4 to year 6/7.
  • We can spend 30 to 40 min in each classroom.  You could put two classes in each classroom for us.  Our performance can be designed for small groups of students.
  • Yes we have performed at Special Schools.
  • You can elect to have one, two or three performances in your school.  For small schools we can complete a performance for the whole school and then spend some time in each of your classrooms.

We haves performed and conducted workshops in a large number of OSHC facilities.

Rind us for a quote, you will be surprised how little it cost.

James has 25 years' experience of teaching foundation to year 7 in 6 different schools.  The last twelve years of his career he was teaching science across the whole primary school.  He is now combing science with magic.

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James' Travelling Magic Show

Remember we are a travelling magic show, so we will, if possible come to your education site.

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