Magic Shows

Our clean, one hour fully interactive performance will provide magical entertainment, which will captivate both young and old alike.

Share the excitement when your friend becomes the special assistant to help perform the magic.  Watch in amazement as things appear and disappear and where everyday science occurs.

We have performed in lounge rooms, back yard, entertainment  room and even in a kitchen.  We design our performance towards your requirements.

We are a travelling magic show, so we will, if possible, travel to your venue.

Children in this age bracket love stuff that is silly.  We include physical and verbal comedy along with our magic.  Props are dropped.  Wands fail to work or fall apart.  Things just will not disappear.  Tricks are repeated in slow motion. Read more.
Children in this age bracket do not want "baby" magic shows.  They are at an age of gender sensitivity:- boy/girl germs.  Even though they are growing up and that means more responsibility, they still enjoy the funny things in life. Read more.
Children or young adults in this age bracket believe that they have grown up.  When they see a magic trick they may not like being fooled or they believe they have the rights to know how it was done.  "Magic tricks don't fool us." Read more.
Company dinners, Weddings, Christmas parties, Training seminars, Award banquets, Birthdays of all ages, Private functions, Celebrations of every kind.Read more.
We can leave you with a CD containing information about some of the products we use in the magic show.  A class teacher will be able to use these ideas for further investigations in their class. Read more.
Through your financial support we have been able to offer our performance to adult care facilities and local/state/Australian charities at no cost. Read more.
"5 out of 5 for fun, humour and contents of the performance." Read more.

James' Travelling Magic Show is a mixture of Magic, Illusion, Comedy and Science